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Welcome to Rebel Princess, A Carrie Fisher Tribute Fansite. I've been a fan of Carrie for 40 years as an actress, an author, and as a mental health advocate. My heart broke when she died last year. She was bigger than life, so witty and smart, so outspoken and powerful, a spirit burning brighter that the stars. A true hero to us all.

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Gary Fisher


When Carrie died, the public was most concerned with how it would affect her mother, Debbie Reynolds, her daughter, Billie Lourd, her brother, Todd Fisher, and Gary Fisher. Who would care for Carrie’s constant companion Gary??? Gary is a brindle colored 5-year old French Bulldog who had become as popular on the red carpet and even interviews as Carrie was these last few years because she always brought him with her. Gary was her bipolar therapy dog, which is why she was allowed to bring him with her in all public places. It breaks my heart to think he was with her when Carrie had her heart attack on the plane and was in the hospital with her as well. I can’t imagine him understanding that loss.


Below is his instagram page but I just wanted to give an update for his current home situation:



Carrie Fisher’s Beloved Dog Gary Has a New Home — with the Late Actress’ Assistant


Carrie Fisher’s beloved service dog Gary has found a new home.


The French bulldog is living with the late actress’ assistant Corby McCoin, a source tells PEOPLE.


McCorbin is said to have a strong connection with the pooch, according to TMZ, which first reported this news. The two were constant companions, traveling with Fisher through the years. They even often appeared together on social media, including Gary’s popular Instagram page.


Gary was Fisher’s most trusted sidekick. The actress adopted him from her daughter Billie Lourd as a service pet to help Fisher handle her bipolar disorder.


“I live for Gary,” Lourd told Today in a Dec. 13 interview. “He was mine first and she actually stole him from me because she fell in love with him.”


Fisher, who was open about her diagnosis and mental health, said the bulldog provided vital emotional support and stability in her life.


“Gary is mental also. My mother says Gary is a hooligan. Gary is like my heart,” Fisher told The Herald Tribune in 2015. “Gary is very devoted to me and that calms me down. He’s anxious when he’s away from me.”


The dog was by Fisher’s side when she went into cardiac arrest aboard a flight from London to Los Angeles on Dec. 23. He remained with the actress at the hospital, where she died four days later at the age of 60.


While Fisher had a long, established career in Hollywood, Gary (and his signature protruding tongue) became something of a celebrity himself during the actress’ press tours for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and her recent book, The Princess Diarist.


The brindle-colored canine was a frequent red-carpet guest of Fisher’s, too, and became a hit on social media.


His Instagram page has over 134,000 followers and was the first to review Star Wars: The Force Awakens.Gary recently returned to Instagram, with a selfie posted on March 15.




“Sorry for taking a break, but I’m back and wanted to tell all my fans hi,” read a caption for a shot of Gary, along with the hashtags “#garyloveshismom” and “#garymisseshismom,” among others.


Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds — who died of a stroke the day after her daughter — were both remembered by family and fans on Saturday at a public memorial service in Los Angeles.